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Hi! I'm Olga, here I'm all about design and helping folks who want to become UX and UI designers.

As someone who's been in the field for a while, I believe in giving back to the community that's helped me grow. Throughout my journey, I've gathered helpful resources essential for growing professionally. Sharing with my community feels right, as I've met amazing people along the way.

Through this site, I want to make design less intimidating, share what I know, and inspire new designers. Whether you're a pro looking to learn more or just starting out, you'll find helpful stuff here. Let's build a cool community together!"
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Our goal is simple: to give you top-notch tools and advice as you start your self-made journey into the world of user experience and interface design. .
Olga Molina Designer
Olga Molina
Founder & Designer
Versatile designer skilled in product, UX/UI, visual design, illustration, storytelling, marketing, PR, and more. Also: mom, plant lover, cat enthusiast, feminist
Oscar Leche
Engineering Manager
Versatile Software Developer & Maker since 2009. Proficient in frontend, backend, & hardware. Skilled in Java, Node.js, PHP,
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Supporting, mentoring and empower individuals in tech drives innovation, diversity, and equality.
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Receive personalized advice and actionable strategies.
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