Female Entrepreneur Branding

Are you a woman that is opening a business and know the importance of online presence?

Alongside with photographer Katherine Monge, we recognize that photography alone is not enough to ensure your brand's success and we empathize with the challenges of building or rebuilding yourself.

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We will give a voice and face to your idea, from designing the logo to develop the packaging if needed.


We use the most modern and professional tool to design and develop an amazing website that you can be proud of.

Professional Photography

Having clear and meaninful photographies is essencial to show who you are and what is your product.

Multilingual Services

We speak Spanish and English (and soon Dutch)

Simple, transparent pricing

We adapt to your necessities so we can support your business with our skills and firsthand understanding.

Basic plan

*VAT excl.
It can be paid by statements.
What’s covered
Professional Photo-session
2 hour per week for 4 weeks of helping using a template.
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*Doesn't include website template
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E-commerce Plan

*VAT excl.
Paid by statements.
What’s covered
Brand Development
E-commerce Website
Professional Photo-session
One year webflow hosting
One year free-charge consultation
*Doesn't include website template
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Need to start right away?

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Know the team

Our combined expertise in photography and design can help you in developing your online presence.
Katherine Monge Photographer
Katherine Monge
Kamonge Photography
Hi! I'm Katherine, an expat photographer who loves to capture real stories, family, and the birth of your baby. Every moment of our life matters, it's unique, magical, and unrepeatable and each image will give you a piece of your personal story."I am from Costa Rica, I speak Spanish, and English, and with the challenge of learning Dutch.
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Olga ML Designer
Olga Molina
Product Designer, UX - UI designer advisor, Visual Designer, illustrator and storyteller dreamer. Adobe Creative Suite user with all-around skills in Marketing & PR. Passionate about plants, art and books. Expat living in The Netherlands, mom and feminist.
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Aren't you a female and need help to develop your business?

Building a Business is hard to do alone

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